How to identify a vehicle ?


Access vehicle's administrative and technical information

The life cycle of a vehicle is not always easy to follow... And one could think that such and such a model of such and such a make of car is always declined by the same versions. However it's not the case. The manufacturer can thus decide to change equipment manufacturer or supplier for certain parts within its range. Other times it is the technical characteristics that are adjusted during the marketing cycle of the vehicle. These parameters make a car potentially different from another car of the same make, model and version. Different markets also make certain models or versions different, as car manufacturers adapt their vehicles according to the characteristics of trade areas and/or countries (like temperature, dust, snow etc).

The peculiarities of some of these automotive markets may have implications for the manufacturer's maintenance plans, who can offer different maintenance plans to suit severe conditions of use (this parameter is taken into account in our car maintenance book API). And that's without counting the use that is made of the vehicle (driving law and other parameters ...)

Through its Vehicle selector API, V DATA SERVICES allows you to accurately identify a vehicle :

  • By registration (ideal for the French market)
  • By brand, model, version (+ date of first registration)

When a vehicle is identified, you can apply the other services available in the form of APIs we develop.