Which business applications for the car maintenance book ?


Deploy a web service book for your customers

The added value provided by our service APIs can be summerized by information access levels:

  • Administrative information
  • Technical information
  • Usage information
  • Update information (mileage, last MOT or operation, change of severes conditions...

The service provided by V Data Services is based on a vehicle recognition (identification), which can be extended to obtaining a detailed technical data sheet for the vehicle. This information allows you to interact with your customers on the fleet data. You can provide them with useful and practical information about the type of engine oil to use, the different tyre sizes offered for their vehicle, as well as the appropriate tyre pressure, etc.

May you wish to offer a complete service, you have the option of creating a digital service book for the vehicle. This service, a real car health book, allows you to know all the deadlines for future mechanical operations to come, according to the use that is made and declared. Unlike the paper version of the maintenance booklet in the glove box, our service allows you to update these mechanical operation intervals automatically, depending on the use of the vehicle.

Through its Vehicle selector API, V DATA SERVICES provides you with the ins and outs :

  • By registration numer (widely useed in France)
  • By brand/make, model, version (+ first registration date)

When a vehicle is recognized and identified, you can apply the other API services we offer to it.